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More protests against anti-Dalit atrocities

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Chethan & Sonam

BENGALURU: Minority parties in the state join hands on Friday to protest against the atrocities faced by the Dalits in light of the recent Gujarat incident in which four Dalit menfrom Una were lined up and beaten up by “cow vigilantes”.

The Welfare Party of India (WPI)condemned the assault on the four Dalits and charged that the Constitution which promised the safety of the minorities had been neglected from the time the Narendra Modi government came into power.


“We must take the issue seriously. Bajrang Dal and the likes that attacked the Dalit youth must be punished severely. BJP, despite its stand for development, is supporting such fundamentalists which must stop,” said Dr Lalitha Nayak, the newly elected state president of the WPI.

The Republican Party of India (RPI), also protesting against the atrocities, asserted that there have been repeated attacks on Dalits in Gujarat and that the government must take stern steps to ensure their security.

The party also criticised the recent incident in which Rahul Gandhi was found sleeping during the Parliament session held to discuss the Dalit issue. They also demanded an apology from Rahul Gandhi for being insensitive to the Dalit cause.

“The Chief Minister of Gujarat has failed to safeguard Dalits from such attacks. She must resign,” demanded A. J. Khan, State Working President, RPI.


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