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Get set to be digital scribes, says IBTimes editor-in-chief

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CAMPUS: John Crowley, editor-in-chief of the International Business Times, UK edition, highlighted the evolution and scope of journalism on the digital spaces in SJC on Wednesday.

Speaking on aspects of fast-growing storytelling techniques through digital platforms, Crowley highlighted on some of the key elements of the emerging techniques and approaches in digital journalism.


Mr John Crowley, Editor-in-Chief, IBTimes UK, addressing the audience. PHOTO – REEVAN

There is still room for print journalism, Crowley said, adding that people can’t kill the medium even before it actually has died. Having said that, he emphasized that people must embrace digital media for the new story telling methods using visuals more than words and because contemporary business models revolve around them.

On presenting news in digital media, with the availability of multiple digital platforms, it is necessary for the journalist to strategize what medium to use and how to present the story. The sub-editor is now expected to not just gather stories but also to edit them and distribute them on the Internet to garner likes.

Further, digital journalism is seeking journalists who are versatile and the teams now include graphic artists, animators, video journalists and those scouring the social media for news that can bring in hits and page views. Success is driven by likes, he pointed out.

Crowley cited examples from various portals reporting news to show how stories take shape in the digital platforms. He also mentioned the high use of social media networking sites that can open up opportunities for budding journalists. The key is to avoid clickbait and, the other extreme, old-fashioned boring write-ups, he advised. Clickbait journalism is a false economy, he added.


Rev Dr Fr Richard Rego SJ (Director, PG Research Centre, SJC) felicitating the guest post the lecture. PHOTO – REEVAN

“You have to be at the top of technology,” Crowley said. “You young people have to be well versed in new media and social media technologies in order to become a good journalist in these interesting times,” he concluded.

Shirsha Majumder


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