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Parents protest fee hikes in private school

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BENGALURU: Unhappy with the erratic increases in the fee structures in the unaided private schools in Bengaluru, a group of parents on Thursday staged a silent protest in the premises of a private unaided school.

(cannot be disclosed (Vagdevi Vilas School) premises on Thursday.

The fees at this popular and in-demand school in Marathahali in 2014-2015 was Rs 54,000. The amount sharply increased the amount to Rs 95, 000 last year. The main demand of the parents was that the fee hike be rolled back.

“We are unhappy over how the schools are manipulating parents by hiking fees every year. The law states that the school management should inform the parents before revising the fees but very often we parents are never aware of it till the last minute,” said Mohammed Ali Khan, a parent.

As the school refused to agree to the demands of the parents, a memorandum was submitted to Tanver Sait, Minister for Primary and Secondary Education. The parents stressed on how the school managements were involved in the business of commercialisation of education.

“We believe that the only way forward is to fight such hikes legally, but the issue of excess school fee is also because of the absence of a cap on the fee structure in Karnataka, and the government has not fixed a limit on fee structure for unaided private schools,” said Ahmmed Afraz, a parent.

Sheela Balamurali, principal of the New Horizon Gurukul School said “It’s not just the maintenance expense that the school management have to bear, but the initial huge establishment cost too, the management has to spend on salary to teaching and non-teaching staff, payments of bills and taxes etc. which increases every year.”



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