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Valmikis seek higher reservation

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BENGALURU: The Karnataka Valmiki Nayaka Advocate Forum is agitating to increase the reservation for the Schedule Castes by 7% from the existing three per cent.

Since 1956 there was reservation of 3% in Karnataka for the Schedule Castes. The population of people who were categorised as SC/STs back then was 165,000 but now, according to the 2011 census, the population has increased to 4,248,000.

After the state was formed, there were people from other states who migrated to Karnataka who were also categorised under SC/STs. Even after this development, the state did not consider to increase the percentage.

“Our main focus is education for the women and then public services. Because only if the women are educated will we see the development in our community,” said Chief Patron B. Shivappa, I.A.S., (Rtd.) of the Karnataka Valmiki Nayaka Advocates Forum.

A writ petition was submitted to the High Court on this matter as a result of which the court had  directed the state to increase the reservation percentage. The state is now not abiding by the constitution as they are not increasing the reservation percentage, the association alleged. It has been demanding hike in the reservation since the last three years.

The members of the association have planned to stage a three-day protest from August 13 in Yadagiri, Raichur, Bellary and Chitradurga.

Smt. Vijaya A.D., Vice President, “The state is trying to supress us even today by not increasing the reservations.”


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