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Bethany funds for the needy

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BENGALURU: Bethany Educational Institutions render to the poor for education as well as food supplies for the family. Bethany High Family Fund, which was set up in 2008, anticipated the Right to Education (RTE) Act, which was made legal across the country in 2010.

The school came up with this fund in 2008 by the teachers and students of Bethany High School, when they came across a student named Rebecca Mohan Kumar, who could not afford to continue her studies as she and her mother struggled to make ends meet.

The school then offered her mother with a job in the school, and finance for her education as well as her further studies. Rebecca is now aspiring for her master’s degree.

The school is now funding 19 students, which is being maintained by 12 teachers from the school, in collaboration with a social worker, Sushma Natarajan.

“The fund covers medical bills and house rent,” pointed Akash Ryall, the Director of Bethany Educational Institutions.

“The school is still funding poor children with finance and mid-day meals, which help the students concentrate on their studies and not worry about their meals,” said a guardian of a present Bethanian.



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