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Capturing moments with the Travel Photographer Auditya Venkatesh

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BENGALURU: “If you wait long enough you could get a good picture,” said Auditya Venkatesh in an interactive interview with Danish Sait on December 4, 2016 at Church Street.

Ranging from personal life experiences, challenges and survival of a photographer to ethics in photography, Under 25 summit organised the Interview room inviting Auditya Venkatesh to share his life experiences and comments to aspiring young photographers.

Emphasising on the 3 P’s to successful photography, that is, passion, persistence and patience, Danish Sait, an improvisational artist looked on Auditya Venkatesh’s take on it being a young successful travel photographer as a college drop out.

Showing the importance of capturing a moment before it passes Auditya shared one of the rare experiences he knew he would not be able to capture again.



Discussion with Auditya Venkatesh(L)                                                             Credits: Celeste



“I saw a train go by and a boat going under me and the patterns it made seemed like a fish with the fins and the gills. I rushed to the other side to capture that pattern but after two clicks the pattern disappeared.”

He also insisted that as a travel photographer it is important to survive with the things within your reach to make maximum use of it.

Though he loved photography from a young age while practising on family road trips, Auditya never thought he would take it up as a profession until he dropped out of college. “This drop out may seem to be a cool thing but it’s not. Education always seems to come in handy somewhere”, he assured those youngsters who felt they were in the wrong field of education.

Youngsters who seem they were pushed into a course they did not want to pursue and like Auditya had a passion for something else felt it was because of their parents. “I regret a few of those fights we had conversations about because they only say things to you they know best about and all the decisions you make are related to all the knowledge you have gained in your life as well”, responded Auditya.

Furthermore, he told the audience that after a few fights of him pursuing photography rather than being a chartered accountant, it was his mother who initially taught him photography.


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