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Labourers to strike for better provisions

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BENGALURU: The Karnataka State Loading and Unloading Labourers Union pressed the State government to ensure the provision of ESI and PF funds to the labourers, at a conference held on December 5, 2016. The union has announced a state-wide strike on December 24, 2016, in favour of this and will be submitting a memorandum to the state government on December 23, 2016.

“The government has been promising the ‘Anna Bhagya Yojana’ for the labourers for years now, nothing has been done,” said Varadarajendra, State President of the Union. Although these funds were made available to the low-income groups thirty-five years ago, the labourers have been deprived of it.

Karnataka Food Civil Supplies Corporation (KFCSC) and Taluk Agricultural Produce Co-operative Marketing Society Limited(TAPCMS) have been receiving their supplies of rice, wheat, ragi, sugar, oil, salt etc; in over 320 go-downs from the loading and unloading labourers.

“The workers have been subject to harsh working conditions, which is taking a toll on their health,” said Puttaswamy, a member of the Union. “The government has only increased their workload, but has failed to increase the income of the labourers,” he added.

The Union has urged the government to provide 12 kilos of food grains to the loading and unloading labourers and to scrap the compulsory rule of producing Aadhar cards to avail ‘Anna Bhagya Yojana’.

The Karnataka Shramika Shakti’s pressure on the government since 2013 has improved the conditions of a few labourers in only certain areas. Through the strike, the union aims for the betterment of the labourers’ statewide.


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