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GoUNESCO offers global heritage internships to students

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Evelyn Kandur

BENGALURU:  GoUNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) is offering global internships for heritage enthusiasts’ from around the world to discover heritage in their six-month programme supported by UNESCO, Delhi.

The internship will help one discover heritage through fun tasks, exploration, research, networking opportunity with students across the world. It also helps in conserving and preserving the world cultural and natural sites.

Any undergraduate/postgraduate student from any course from anywhere in the world is welcome to participate over a period of 6 months- January through June and July through December. GoUNESCO also has travel challenges, student programmes, heritage runs, and heritage for all in short.

“GoUNESCO started with a tweet in 2012 that made me travelling to world heritage sites first. In 2014, Akanksha Arora, a law student from Ahmedabad requested that we start something for students too, as travel may not be possible for them to afford,” Ajay Reddy, founder of GoUNESCO, told The Beacon.

We chose to work with students because of their energy and it is fun as they are creative and can come up with better ideas than I can, he added.

One of their upcoming events along with the internship programme is their self-supported run “Palace to Palace Run- #makeheritagefun”. The run starts and ends at Tipu Sultan’s summer palace, Bengaluru.

The GoUNESCO Internship Program (GIP) is a global outreach program, which aims at promoting awareness of heritage and culture among young people via fun, educative tasks. For more details check their website:








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