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Need for a proactive Metropolitan Planning Committee

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BENGALURU: Namma Bengaluru Foundation (NBF) and Citizen Action Forum (CAF) remind the Bangalore Metropolitan Planning Committee (BMPC) to prepare the Master Plan 2031 under Metropolitan Planning Committee (MPC) and the overall planning of the city.

NBF is an organisation working towards making Bengaluru a model city with well-planned infrastructure. It aims to be the voice of the people, that needs to be heard in order for Bengaluru to become a truly global city. CAF is an organisation working to strengthen citizen action and civil society throughout the city.

The preparation of Master Plan 2031 is at an advanced stage and the contractor has already submitted the visioning document for consideration to Bangalore Development Authority (BDA). The BMPC has not been involved in the finalisation of the visioning document.

“Matters relating to the planning of the city must be placed before the BMPC, where members have to discuss the various projects transparently. Members of the BMPC have a fundamental duty and obligation towards the city, and have to act in support of the right and constitutional process of planning of Bengaluru,” said Sridhar Pabbisetty, CEO, NBF.

The committee formed by BDA to review the document and the Master Plan 2031 does not comprise a single member of the BMPC. The decisions regarding planning in the city that are not a part of the current Master Plan 2015 are being implemented without prior discussion with the BMPC.

“The state government is concentrating on spending more than Rs 22,000 crores on high-end infrastructure without letting the MPC take these decisions. Bengaluru is on the verge of becoming a dying city as its air, water and land are all getting polluted due to unsustainable policies. The MPC needs to set right these priorities and plan for a sustainable and inclusive Bengaluru to stop it from dying,” added Kathyayini Chamaraj, Executive Trustee of (CIVIC).





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