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Mysuru Mallige: 75 but still fresh

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BENGALURU: Grand daughter o f K . S . N a r a s i m h a s w a m y (K.S.Na) Prof. Dr Mekhala Venkatesh said that K.S.Na was people’s poet because he deeply understood and extensively wrote about the sentiments and sensibilities of the people and made poetry accessible and easy to the common man.

She was speaking on ‘K.S.Narasimhaswamy: poet of the century’ at the Gokhale Institute of Public Affairs, Bengaluru. Speaking on his magnum opus ‘Mysuru Mallige’, which completes 75th year of publication in 2017, she said that Mysuru Mallige is still as fresh as a blooming flower and that is why it is one of the best works to have been written in Kannada.

Talking about the quintessence of K.S.Na’s work she said, “Critics have critiqued K.S.Na’s works through the lenses of feminism, modernism, postmodernism and romanticism but they have failed to recognise most important ‘ism’ in his poetry which is optimism.”

Pointing the uniqueness of K.S.Na she said that just like W.B.Yeats who witnessed and wrote during three literary movements even K.S.Na wrote during three literary movements in Kannada (during Navodaya, Navya and Navyottara movements), yet kept himself away from all the three, imparting the best from them all.

She also said that K.S.Na was not infected by the desire of fame because poetry was his passion and his feel for literature saw to that he never stopped writing till his death. She welcomed government’s recent moves to convert K.S.Na’s home in his home town Kikkeri into a museum and popularise his unpopular works. A half-acre plot there will be developed into an important reference centre with all important works.


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