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Talians app launching at SJC

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Donna & Artuha

CAMPUS: ‘Befriend Raghav to win exciting gifts,’ quoted Tailians app. This app will now let pet owners connect and share views and problems who own similar breeds of animals.

On December 6 , 2016, St. Joseph’s College organized a dog show hosted by Wildlife Awareness and Conservation Club (WACC), which also promoted the application called Tailians.

Tailians is a social media based application through which one has to set up a profile with their pets’ name and breed.

Pet owners can add them in their friend list, and share views, problems, remedies, etc. The pet show also had a booth set up by the app company, where they had a labrador named Raghav. Aiming to promote the app, they had Raghav’s profile set up on Tailians, and if one wanted to play with him, they would have to download the app and add Raghav, only then they would be allowed to play with him.

Many breeds like Retrievers, Labradors, Cocker spaniels, huskies, German shepherds, Great dane, Pitbull etc. were present at the show.


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