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NYCS gears up for 2020 Olympics

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Ameena Khan

BENGALURU: – National Yuva cooperative society(NYCS) has introduced a unique PAN India talent scouting program to strengthen the sport of athletics with a talent pool that will make Indian athletics shine at the 2020 summer Olympics.

National Yuva cooperative society is the leading youth organisation with PAN India presence in 45 districts across India. “Though India has so much of talent, it is not being channelized in a proper way so this association will create an opportunity for the youth,” said Sandesh BN one of the sportsperson.It empowers youth with its multipurpose activities. It has taken up athletics in the sports segment and is committed to spot talent from across the country and nurture it to global standards.

They have also taken up the responsibility to sponsor for the food and training of the athletes who qualify in the selection trials, which is schedule to be on December 20, 2016. The selection committee will consist of the well-known names in athletics such as P.T Usha, Athlete, Rachita Mistry, Indian sprinter and Arundha Biswal, Athlete .The goal is to prepare the budding talents to face the challenges of 2020 Summer Olympics and beyond.


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