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The importance of ‘one second’ expressed in paintings of Kapila Mayur

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Bengaluru: The theme for Ms Kapila Mayur’s painting exhibition held at the Arts Village on December 15  was ‘One second’.  Although all stories were interconnected with the concept of ‘time’ they had independent stories to tell.


Painting by Kapila Mayur Picture- Ritika


The theme was connected to modern day situations, digital art, hope, a reflection of self, life and death, smiles, light and darkness and hand gestures. The paintings were self-explanatory. This is the first exhibition where she has made use of her fingers rather than brushes to create her art work. One of the visitors, Menaka Loganadan said, “It is something very different to what I have usually been seeing, I like this concept of her using her fingers”.

According to Ms  Mayur, although art is a very unique kind of expression and no two artists can work in the same way but then the language is universal and that is why art can connect without language. She said, “This time I was working under a time constraint and initially I felt the brush was not just fast enough so I started using my hand”.

Ms Mayur has worked mostly autobiographically and has done different kinds of work from interiors to figurative drawing and a lot of self-portraits. “This time I wanted to explore the concept of ‘the extra second’. There are many interpretations of time, I would look at it from an artist’s point of view which is about how we take time for granted”, she said. When various people were asked about what they would do with their extra second, they simply said they would make a sound, smile for simply let it go.

Kapila has passed out of Chitrakala Parishad and she did 5 years of painting. She then moved to Baroda to do her post graduation in painting. After coming back she has had a couple of exhibitions but this exhibition according to her professor, she has deviated and emerged as someone totally different.

People from other countries have bought her work and the exhibition saw around 50 visitors.

When asked about the kind of response she received from people she said, “It was quite emotional for a lot of people, I felt they connected to my work and got some positive feedback and that’s what you paint for.”




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