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Panel discussion on demonetization at SJC

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Campus: A panel discussion was organised by NDTV at St Joseph’s College on December 16. It was telecasted live on national television under the  ‘Agenda’ series. The topic for the panel was ‘Demonitisation’, which was anchored by Ms. Maya Sharma, Senior journalist, NDTV.

“Karnataka is once again in the news for all the wrong reasons. 30 crores of black money have been seized in various Income Tax raids, and more than half of it in new notes. 40 kilograms of gold have also been found in corruption cases that are rocking the State,” said Ms Sharma.


Ms Sharma in discussion with the panelists                                                                         Picture Raunaq

The discussion began with a question to Rizwan Arshad, State Youth Congress President on whether Karnataka was one of the most corrupt states. He denied it and blamed the faulty note ban scheme. Prithvi Reddy, Aam Aadmi Party spokesman, felt that banning the notes was a futile exercise. He linked it to a fever, adding that just like a fever is a symptom and not a disease, black money is a symptom of something bigger. Corrupt people will always find a way to change their black money into white.

Tejaswi Surya, President of the BJP Youth Wing, defended PM Modi that the recent raids are surgical operations and the two officials arrested are closely connected to the Congress government. Celeste Kumari a student from Mount Carmel College said, “Demontization was a bad idea all together.” She added that she faced many difficulties just to withdraw cash for her daily needs.

The students were also asked how they felt about demonitisation. Most agreed that in principle it was a good move to root out black money, but the implementation was poor. Long queues outside the banks and empty ATMs have tested their patience. Even some canteens were not accepting card payments.  The students present on the debate panel were from Joseph’s, Mount Carmel College and Christ University.

“The execution of the whole demonetization process has not been good and not at the right time for the country,” said Ms Sharma to the Beacon.

There were also people in the panel who were happy about demonitization. N Harish, member of B.PAC told the Beacon, “Demonetization is an excellent scheme but instead of a 2000 rupee note the government should have come out with a 200 rupee note.”

The discussion reflected various views but there was a deep concern on coping with this change.


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