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SJC launches a new mobile App

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Sr. Shiji

CAMPUS: Rev. Fr Victor Lobo, Principal, SJC on Saturday inaugurated the St Joseph’s College App, which will help students get access to various information and be updated about events of the college.

Mr Preshant B.N, Assistant Alliance Manager, IPOMO, gave a demo of the new App. He said, “As you open the App, there are various options like announcements, student corner, SJC Alumni, feedback to principal, staff directory, and events. This App also has the facility for Notes and Question bank for staff to interact with the students.”

There is a quiz running every day, which is called as inter college quiz competition. The students can upload the picture, which would be checked by the moderator for approval. One can also upload pdf documents and link it to YouTube. Students can enter their role number and registration number in order to access information about their class and respective departments.

If SJC is conducting an event, the information can be given to various colleges through this App.Mr Preshant B.N said, “Biggest user of this platform is Mysore University. They are the first ones to use this platform for the day to day interaction among colleges and departments.” He also added that the teachers can conduct various activity test with respect to their subject. The Principal can send bulk SMS to all of students.Rev.Fr Pradeep and Mr Melvin Colaso worked for the realization of this App for SJC.


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