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WACC conducts a national conference on NCESW

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Campus:  A National level conference on Ecology, Sustainable Development and Wildlife Conservation(NCESW) was conducted by WACC at St Joseph’s College(Autonomous)on December 15.

Speaking on the three important aspects of Ecology, Sustainable development and Wildlife conservation, Dr. Ebenezer Wilson from the Department of Environmental Science said that they are inseparable and interrelated with each other. Ecology is the mother of all the new and old discipline of science. Sustainable development is the process of change in which the direction of investment, orientation of technology, allocation of resources and functioning of all the institution of the world meets the need of the present generation. Wildlife conservation is another important aspect for better life sustainability.

The chief guest Shri. Ajay Mishra, IFS, Karnataka Forest Department speaking at the event said, “Environment has to be protected so that human beings can have good life. Wildlife and forest is an integral aspect, 20 percent is forest in India and it has to be sustained for better future.”

“Natural resources must be used proportionately so as to sustain the life and lead a better future,” he added.

“India is the highest consumer of ground water in the world which is 75 acres inches per well.  We pump six times of US and twice of Europe. There is extensive mining activities in Karnataka and 50 percent of Bangalore water comes from well,” said Dr Chandrakanth, Director, ISEC, Bangalore who spoke on the issue of ‘Sustainable development of groundwater Resources’.

“Rivers has dried up and now its ardent duty to recharge ground water or else wells will fail for future use,” he added.


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