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2017 begins with Nirvaan at Campus

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CAMPUS: After an all-day celebration of Ethnic day, students geared up for the upcoming inter-college cultural fest – Nirvaan 2017, taking place on January 12 and 13 of next year. The event was launched on Monday evening.

“Nirvaan 2017 is expected to have participants from almost 30 colleges and almost 18 events spread out in a span of two day. The first day will be the DJ night. The highlight will be Fashion Show. Femina Miss Princess is coming to Campus. Chief Guest, per se, we don’t have any at the beginning. But throughout the programme, as judges we have some former Miss Bangalore, some artists, and writers,” explained Dr Berin Lukas, the Governor of student union.

The programme began with a teaser video. This was followed bythe theme song, ‘Namma Ooru Bengaluru’, composed and performed by a group of students, was released as the event was inaugurated. One of the band members expressed that the song was themed around the premise that Bengaluru is not just a city, it’s an emotion.

Budding Kannada rappers from the campus stirred up the crowd with their bit on Ethnic day; tuned with the famous Eminem song, Real Slim Shady. The crowd roared with shout outs to SJC and the rappers.

Next lined up was the traditional Thiruvathira dance from Kerala. It was put on by a group of girls dressed in their customary Kasav.

Mr Allan Godfrey, Assistant Professor from Social Work Department performed an Indian Classical dance piece. “This particular dance presentation that, I will give now, before that I would like to acknowledge my guru who choreographed it as well as he wrote the song. This composition is religious in nature, in praise of the tribunal god,” he acknowledged.

The college Indian dance team presented a dance on a folk song, which was followed by another performance by the Western Dance team.

Two contestants of an all India Beat boxing Championship in the North-East part of India gave their composition.

Dr Jacob Abraham and the student union Governor, Berin Lukas distributed prizes to the winners of Best Dressed (Male and Female from PG and the UG Departments). Few of the winners were Ankuran Borah from I MSc. Botany, Sarda Paonam from I MSc. Botany, Andrew from II EMS, Shruti Ghorem from III MCJ, Adelina from II CEZ.

Amongst the faculty members, Mrs Mini Mark Bonjour from English Department, Ms Poonam R Ahuja, Mr Allan Godfrey from Social Work Department and Mr Kiran Jeevan, PRO & Placement Officer were the winners.


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