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Hike in wage demands, KSBCF

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Shivangee & Derrick

BENGALURU: The Karnataka State Backward Castes Federation has welcomed the work of the state government to increase the percentage of reservation to 70% as per the constitution.

It has also asked the state government to release the date of caste based census as soon as possible. The union also appreciated the central government’s move of demonetisation. “A state level backward caste summit will be held in 2017 in order to create awareness among the people on the facilities they get from the government,”said in the press release.

This step of making them aware had to be taken as the association is trying to help those people who are from the backward classes. So that those people can understand the pros and cons of demonetisation and find out means to cope with it.  The backward class and labour class people are the ones who got majorly affected by the cash crunch problem.

The association has helped around one lakh people and focuses mainly on middle class and upper middle class. 10 lakh people work for this association to help others. People have come together and put in their thoughts about the issues that people face and are planning to put forward their issues to the government so as to ease their problems. The Tehsildar was also present there to speak. Recently the CM in Belgavi announced increase in wage of the backward caste and this association pressurised him to increase it from 50% to 80 %.  The federation has been claiming to support the government, provided the government increases the wages of the backward caste and poor people.


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