“Follow your instincts,” says Rana Ayyub

Kavya & Reshma BENGALURU: Rana Ayyub who formerly worked at NDTV and Tehelka, now works as a freelance journalist after resigning from her post in Tehelka has been in the limelight since the release of her book ‘Gujarat Files: Anatomy of a cover up’. She carried out an undercover investigation on the bureaucrats and police... Continue Reading →

Rise in diabetes concerns doctors in Bengaluru

ANIT BENGALURU: There is a hike in the number of diabetes patients year by year in our country. Around 11% of population affected by diabetes in Bangalore and 8% population in rural areas. The only solution is to spread awareness about the nature about the disease. This was the views of Dr I. A. Khan... Continue Reading →

A day in the life of Hampi Nagara

RESHMA HAMPI: The bus from Bengaluru reached Hospet which was fourteen kilometres from Hampi, at 4am. With no local busses in sight, the only way to reach Hampi was a long auto ride. After deciding on a reasonable price, the auto driver asked not to sit too close to the window as the ride was... Continue Reading →

How to ‘Drop it like it’s hot’ this season

YASHASHWINI     BENGALURU: India is currently experiencing an in-between weather for light layering, oversized shirts, light sweaters and turtle necks to comeback. From pantsuits to denims and bomber jackets, everyone in the fashion industry is on-trend with layers. Péro sneakers and white squeaky shoes are all in the trend. Though the weather is a... Continue Reading →

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