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Srinivas Prasad becomes an official BJP member

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BENGALURU: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) welcomed Srinivas Prasad, Former State Minister to join their party while discussing the reason for him leaving Congress on January 2,,2017 at the BJP office.

“Joining BJP was an unexpected move for me and it was also an unexpected move for BJP as well because of the recent cabinet reshuffle,” said Srinivas Prasad.

He also said that he left Congress for self- respect. “I am highly impressed by Modi’s social commitment because when there was a debate regarding the national book issue, Modi boldly said that our national book is the constitution.”



While Srinivas Prasad said that he joined hands with BJP at his own will he also expressed his respect for BJP and said that though he was in Congress, in his eyes they were never political enemies but only political opponents because they all make one great parliamentary democracy.

Prasad declared that he had been in a good relationship with BJP ever since he joined politics, going back to his early days in the electoral political field.

He also worked with the present Union Minister, H.N Ananth Kumar for 5 years when he was a part of Vajpayee’s National Democratic Alliance (NDA) Government from Janata Dal-United (JDU). He presently considers Ramesh Jigajinagi, Union Minister, a friend since the time of Ramakrishna Hedge.

Most BJP officials stated that Congress does not seem to be proceeding in the right way, “Mallikarjuna Karge and G Parameshwar are not given importance in Congress because they are Dalits. Otherwise, Kharge would have been the CM by now,” said Prasad. Parameshwar also openly declared that Siddaramaiah was behind his defeat.

R. Ashok, former Deputy Chief Minister while welcoming Prasad stated that the upcoming Nanjangud by- an election which is challenging for BJP, appears to them that Congress seems inefficient because they do not seem to have a worthy candidate.

He further added that media reports say that B.S.Yediyurappa, party president is more popular than the present CM.


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