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‘Art by 8’ at Chitrakala Parishath Gallery

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BENGALURU: An art show of paintings was put up by 8 artists from Mumbai at Chitrakala Parishath Gallery in the city on January 4.There were a total of 160 paintings with each artist having around 20 paintings. Few paintings made use of watercolours, and others were sketches.

The price of the paintings ranged from Rs 5000 to Rs 33,000 per piece. The eight artists were Anand Mahajani, Daniel Talegaonkar, Kailas Anyal, Santosh Sawant, Sharad Tawade, Sunil Pujari, Vikrant Shitole and Vivek Prabhukeluskar.

Anand Mahajani one of the artists said that they love to travel to various places. “We go to different places and get inspired by the form. I try to capture the form which I like in that space. I don’t like to include human figures in it. They look force fitted. I don’t put them unnecessarily just to add life to it. Every picture has a life to it.’’

Daniel Taleaonkar said, “We go together and sit in front of the monument, streets and usually old houses. They have a beauty, unlike new houses. They have some unique shapes and forms, we try to capture that.” He also did a group of black and white sketches in a single stroke which takes only a few seconds. “These drawings are done in a single length. There is no lifting of the brush.’’ He has been painting since 2006. He said that he started with watercolours but eventually moved to black and white because he realised black is the medium for him. “Ink and dry bush and markers are used. Single length is done in marker because I need continuity. 45 minutes are taken to draw paintings with a dry brush.’’

When he goes for study tours he always makes sure he carries drawing paper with him. He did graphic design in Applied Art. He later moved to Fine Arts because he felt that is your expression, the artist’s feelings. “In Applied Art you will be drawing what the client want,’’ he said.


The men behind the paintings                                        Credits: TRESA

Vikrant Shitole another artist from Mumbai is a studio animator also. He chose this profession as it draws a steady income and he can manage to draw every day. Last 5 to 6 months he has been working on paintings. He conducts workshops abroad and has done many groups as well as solo shows. So far he has done 15 – 20 group shows and 4 solo shows. His paintings start from Rs 5000 to 35,000 depending on detailing of the work.

All paintings are painted on locations. He loves to travel and explore and this inspired his landscape paintings. He loves observing different people, their traditions and lifestyles. “I stay with them, observe their life. Whatever inspires me, I paint.’’ His paintings combine ancient and modern atmosphere.

He believes that an artist must be physically present on location to get the feel, smell, lighting and temperature of the place which goes inside you. Talking about difficulties he said that weather is a constraint because when he travelled to Europe his hands shivered. Also, he finds it hard to draw a market as people move around a lot. The painting of a house in Gokarna was done when he as sitting in a tea shop and having tea. His paintings are a fusion of old and new with old churches in the background and cars along with some element of modernity in the landscape.


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