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SJC to host its first TEDx on January 6

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CAMPUS: The College is all set to host its first TEDx program, “TEDx SJCBangalore” on January 6, 2016.The TEDx program enables independent organisers to create an atmosphere like that of TED talks.

The line-up of speakers are Arun Krishnamurthy, a former employee of Google and an environmentalist, Suman Sri  the first transgender to pursue higher education under Bangalore University, Shruti Chaudhary an image consultant and co-founder of World of WOW, an Image Management, Sundeep Rao, a stand-up comedian who finds strength in laughing at life’s problems, Dhanya Ravi, the recipient of the “Brave Bangel Award” (2012) and the “Annual Inspired Indian Foundation (IIF) Award” (2014) is a jewellery designer and a freelance content writer and Kubra Sait a celebrated anchor in the live entertainment industry.

The curator of the event is Samantha De Souza, III, BVC in SJC, Bengaluru. “Having a TEDx event puts SJC on the global map. Our college has a lot of potentials and deserves to showcase it. The six speakers are inspirational people with unique stories to share. I hope listening to them pushes our student population to follow their dreams and achieve in the fields of their choice,” said Samantha. They plan to talk about taboos as part of their transition at the TEDx.

TEDx is a worldwide group that composes TED-style occasions anyplace – celebrating privately determined thoughts and raising them to a worldwide stage.


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