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Veteran Gamaka artist urge the govt to save classical arts

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BENGALURU: Veteran Gamaka artist Gangamma Keshavamurthy, who has performed more than 10000 Gamaka programmes urged the government to take immediate steps to revive Gamaka art, as the edifice of Gamaka is almost extinct.

She was speaking at Gokhale Institute of Public Affairs (GIPA) before the commencement on the first day of 5 days of Gamaka vaachana and vyakyana (narration and interpretation) of one of the greatest Kannada epics ‘Gadayuddha’ by Ranna.

“Children of the last 2-3 generations have neglected our ancient classic literature. As a result, their (our) negligence of classical arts like ‘Gamaka’ is shading away from the public sphere. Gamaka is also losing its original shape as there are very few people left who can sing in the pure classic Gamaka style.” She said that the problem was that we do not know to read Halegannada and Nadugannada (Old Kannada and Medieval Kannada) and that here are very few people who really want to learn and practice Gamaka seriously. She also said that it was high time to teach our kids not only Gamaka but also other classical arts which are extremely rich and profound.


Listening to Gamaka music artists    Credits: JAYASIMHA

Krishnamurthy, librarian at GIPA while speaking to The Beacon said that all school and college students must be trained to read and interpret old Kannada texts and performances of classical arts like Gamaka recitation and it should be held regularly across the state.

“Gamaka is a blend of ancient poetry and music and because of this chemistry, it reaches out to people. I do not know to read old Kannada but I can understand it easily when it is sung in Gamaka style,” said Hemanth Bharadwaj, a student.

The duo of Gangamma Keshavamurthy and Shatavadhani Dr R.Ganesh’s narration and interpretation of Ranna’s ‘Gadayuddha’ in Gamaka style is being held at GIPA from January 1 and will go on until January 6.


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