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‘MANA’ therapy, a viable medical claim?

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BENGALURU: Dr Agarwal Hospitals and Gene Research Foundation have formulated a mechanism which claims to reduce stress levels. MANA, a DNA activator formulated by them is said to bring back the patient’s healthy fetal DNA and millions of the patient’s own stem cells or ‘MANA’ cells when mixed with one drop of the patient’s blood.

Dr Sunitha Agarwal, Ophthalmologist at Dr Agarwal’s, conducted this ‘apparent’ breakthrough with her research on DNA over several years ago. Her unique formulation, MANA, when mixed with the human plasma amplifies the DNA and can be used for Gene Therapy. The research team claims that EUROFINS laboratory in Munich confirmed that the DNA was that of the patient’s and that it was fetal healthy. They also added that studies were done by Indian Institute of Science and Jawahar Institute to validate the research.

“ The patients who come to us are usually the one’s who deal with worst case scenarios. As they are not cured by treatments given in other hospitals, they opt for MANA DNA Gene Therapy which is provided only at our hospital,” said Mr Syed, Manager of Dr Agarwal Hospitals and Gene Research Foundation. Seventeen thousand patients have received this treatment, with a minimum of ten injections, over the last thirteen years. The DNA activator is said to help combat stress as well as health implications of hypertension, diabetes and heart disease. “ Although this treatment is used for other diseases like cancer and heart attacks, most numbers of cases we deal with are those related to blindness,” added Mr Syed.

Gene Therapy which claims to cure blindness has not been accepted by many medical practitioners around the country. “There are state conferences and national conferences held where such things are discussed. This therapy is not accepted by most of the doctors as it is not a validated scientific research and there is no proof of it,” said a renowned Ophthalmologist in Bengaluru who refused to be named. “Places like Arvind Eye Hospital, Madurai, Narayana Nethralaya, Shankar Nethrayala etc. are trusted organisations and hospitals with well-qualified doctors where patients receive quality treatment. We recommend only such hospitals to our patients,” he added.

Since this treatment claims to increase the immunity of the patient to various disorders, Autologous Immune Booster Therapy is used to treat various disorders ranging from progressive diseases to blindness deafness, neurological and congenital errors. The therapy uses the blood of the same patient, for the same patient and hence Dr Agarwal’s says that there are no side effects or complications. They claim that the therapy has shown progress with several patients. The course of the therapy lasts till ten injections, where the patients apparently show improvements within the first ten days of treatment. “The course can vary over one to two years as they come for injections once in three months. The cost of the injection is Rs 18000, where it may vary depending on the severity of the disease,” says Mr Syed.


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