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Outrage pours out in the country after mass molestation in the city

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BENGALURU: People in the country took out their anger on social media in the wake of the molestation on women in the city that had happened on New Year’s Eve on Brigade road and the incident that occurred in Kammanahalli.

Nearly thousands of people gathered to bring in New Year’s celebration on Brigade and MG Road, a mob of unruly men molested many women who were present there. Nearly 1,500 policemen were on rounds around the area but were helpless to many of them. The next day a woman who was getting back home was molested on her way home in Kammanahalli.

Chaitali Wasnik was one of them who got groped while she was returning home from work and took it to Facebook to express the plight she was in. She wrote on her Facebook wall, “Around 10-15 people tried to stop me. But some random guy tried to grope me while I was returning home from work. I punched and kicked him, till he couldn’t take the pain. He still had the guts to say, ‘I didn’t do anything, I’m innocent.’ No cop came to my rescue.”

The issue brought out people from different walks of life by commenting on the issue on social media. Like, Akshay Kumar among other actors took it to Twitter expressing his anger stating, “The incident makes me feel we are evolving backwards from humans to animals. My blood boils in anger. A society that does not respect women cannot be termed civilised. The people who commit such crimes are not aliens they are people from the society.” He encouraged women to take up martial arts for self-defense in times of emergency.


Various organisations condemned the recent attacks          Credits: EVELYN

Lauren Rozario, a student of Sampurna Monfort College and a resident of Kammanahalli said to The Beacon, “The place where a woman was groped is a residential area and safe in general. This incident makes me fear for my security; it has nothing to do with one’s dressing, ridiculous how men blame. Another incident that happened the same day was a fruit stall which has been in my locality for years, the miscreants brought down the shop to ashes.” Meanwhile, the Bengaluru city police have arrested four people accused in connection with the Kammanahalli molestation that occurred on January 1, 2017, as updated on their Twitter page, at 5.55pm, January 5, 2017.

“The attacks on women are inhuman. A woman has equal rights as that of a man to stay out late at night and dress however they wish to and no politician or anyone else in the society has any business to comment on it,” said Sathish Ninasam, a popular actor in the Kannada Film Industry. “Instead of playing the blame game, they must focus on punishing the culprits and increase the security and police forces to maintain law and order,” he told The Beacon.

An autonomous group, ‘Night in My Shining Armour,’ intends to get more people out on the streets in the city and remove the stigma attached to women being outside their homes after 8 PM, in an attempt to take back women’s nights.

When The Beacon approached, the Cubbon Park police, they said that they have been issued not to comment on the issue that occurred on New Year’s Eve, by the higher authorities.


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