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Aviratha promotes folk music through Yaarigle Olidaano

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BENGALURU:  A musical evening titled ‘Yaarige Olidaano’ was held on January 7, 2017, at the open air Theatre of the Town Hall. It was organised by an NGO called ‘Aviratha’. The event featured eleven Kannada folk songs, sung by a group of tribal men and women from interior Karnataka. They were accompanied by musicians who played the traditional drums, tamboori and string instruments.

The essence of the songs were about a reformer, who lived in the jungle many decades ago. He helped these tribals to fight social evils like caste and social injustice. He taught them to look after nature and be kind to fellow human beings. These songs have been handed down from generation to generation by word of mouth, keeping alive the Kannada culture.


‘Yaarige Olidaano                                                                  CREDIT-RAUNAQ

Venugopal Rao, a bank employee, who attended the show, was full of praise. “It is a great platform for them to celebrate their music, by singing songs that are close to their hearts.” Another college student, Sandhya Venkat, had this to say, “The urban rural divide can be bridged through performances like this.”


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