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Hidden Agendas of Demonetization: KSDSF

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BENGALURU: It’s been two months since demonetization, but people are still facing its consequences. Karnataka State Dalit Sangharsha Federation (KSDSF) along with Karnataka State Dalit Student Association organized a talk on the ‘Hidden Agendas of Demonetization’.

The talk was held on January 7, 2017 in the NGO convention hall in Cubbon Park. It was attended by members of the federation as well as the ministers of Congress.

Mangaluru Vijay, a progressive thinker said, “Our PM Narendra Modi said three things while he banned the 1000 and 500 notes and that was, he will stop black money, the fake notes being exported from other countries would be stopped and people in the country having black money will be exposed and none of this is happening now. Prime Minister is not a dictator, he is a leader and he cannot do what he feels like. He should come to the parliament and speak which he is not willing to do. The Prime Minister needs to consult the parliament before taking any decision and he does not have the authority to do anything without discussing it in the parliament assembly.” He further quoted the former Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh who said that all cash is black money and all the black money is cash and who also said that this move by PM Modi is very foolish.


Talk on demonetization                                                      CREDITS-KAVERI

The other speakers at the event also had similar views. Mr Raju Algoor, Member of the legislative assembly said, “PM Modi promised to solve everything within fifty days but nothing has happened yet and the problems for the common man are just increasing. This is a very dangerous sign for the country as Modi shook the roots of good governance.” “Former Reserve Bank Governor, Mr Raghuram Rajan also said in a recent interview that he had only heard of PM Modi selling tea before but now he is seeing Modi selling the country,” he further added. The other speakers at the event, spoke about the difficulties of the common man and the daily wage earners.


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