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NITSA holds self-defence training at Cubbon park

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BENGALURU: A campaign called #IWILLGOOUT was organised by an anonymous group called Night in My Shining Armour (NITSA) for selfdefence training at Cubbon Park on January 7, 2017.

NITSA conducts events to equip women in understanding their real power and the fact that they should never be afraid. Through the use of social media they reach out to people and conduct the events. Akhilesh Kumar, training instructor from Combat guild, conducted a self-defence training session for women.


Training session                                                                     CREDITS-ASHITA

Speaking to the Beacon he said, “It’s not about strength but it’s in our mind, society will always tell that women are weak. It is ingrained in our head.” Darshana Mitra, a lawyer and Kavita Srinivas, a member of Vimochana (NGO) was also present who educated the women on the rights of women and ways in which women can file a complaint if faced with violence.

Aishwarya, a member of NITSA said, “There is a n understanding that women are weak and men are stronger and it’s not about strength but it is about knowing where you are stronger and how you can take control and grapple the situation.”


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