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Shame on us blame on us: Protest against ‘mass molestation’ at MG road

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BENGALURU: In a protest at MG Road on January 7 by a group called ‘Citizens of Bengaluru’ against the mass molestation of women, which took place on December 31, raised the slogan ‘shame on us blame on us’.

All of them were with a black ‘tikka’ and amoustache, which indicated zero tolerance and to satirically comment on how women seem to be safe when they dress like men.

Mr Srinivas A., Coordinator for the ‘Citizen of Bengaluru said, “Every parent should teach their children how to respect women. What we really need is a change of society and its behavior. It is about education and awareness, we have a long journey to go and every long journey begins with a small step so we hope that today’s event bring some new thinking. We must acknowledge the problemwe have and we need to take this problem in a positive way and fix the situation.”

Tara Krishna Swamy, volunteer for ‘Citizens of Bengaluru’ said, “We believe that the entire society should be ashamed and bear the blame, for the pathetic state of women in public spaces today.Women are not able to go out freely, they are not able to go to work,they are not able to go to school or college, no matter what their age.This is becoming unbearable in public spaces even when they are given permission to hold such an event.”

     shiji   Protesters in ‘tikka’ and moustache                                      CREDITS-SHIJI

Ammu Joseph, an Independent Journalists said that she came for the protest because it was initiated by a man. She has been involved with the women’s movement since 1980, and feel it’s time to protest.

According to her the girls are hesitating to go to police to file a complaint because police does not have good reputation. She also said that police harassments happen in the police station and even they are involved in such a behavior and they don’t take a woman’s complaint about violence seriously.


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