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Women helpline number 1091 does not respond

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BENGALURU: The toll-free women helpline number 1091 launched on January 6, 2017 to provide immediate rescue to women in distress does not seem to respond. This service was launched under Vanitha Sahayavani an initiative by the Bengaluru City Police.

After the ‘Mass Molestation’ incident in Bengaluru the Government of Karnataka promised to ensure safety of women but does not seem to take much action in implementation of their claims.

Though laws and committees are constituted to look into the problems faced by women in places such as bus stop, cinema theatres and elsewhere. None of them seem to work in favour of women or their safety. “We have laws in place but the implementation does not take place,” said Ayub Ahmed Khan, Advocate.

The Vanitha Sahayavani claims to provide medical treatment, telephonic counselling, police support, legal services, conduct empowerment programs and 24/7 helpline services. It operates from the commissioner’s office. When the Beacon tried to contact the helpline number it could not get in touch with any authority.


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