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Huge turnout for blood donation at SJC

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BENGALURU: NSS and NCC units of St. Joseph’s College, Bengaluru organized a blood donation camp in collaboration with Rashtrotthana Blood Bank, Bengaluru on January 9 at the college premises. Over 300 students donated blood voluntarily at the camp.

Speaking to the Beacon, Selwyn Paul, NSS Officer said, “NSS and NCC conduct blood donation camp once in six months in order to save the lives of the needy and cultivate a habit of generosity among the students. The blood that is collected will be used for children who suffer from the deadly Thalassemia, a genetic disorder, in which red cells are not healthy and need transfusion every 15-20 days.”


Blood donation                                                                                          CREDITS-STIFAN

“Donating blood regularly is a noble task and can save many lives,” said Dr. Naveen KM. “Students are very enthusiastic about donating blood and the organization of the camp was laudable,” he added.

“This is my little contribution to save life and humanity,” said Yogesh Bansal, a student from St. Xavier’s Kolkota. He had come to meet his friends in the college and seeing the posters volunteered to donate blood.


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