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Shortage of judges causing delay in justice

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BENGULURU: Shortage of judges in the District courts in Bangalore is considered as a major reason in pendency of cases. “My case is pending for the past five years in the magistrate court, now I have lost faith in the system”, said Anitha (named changed) a victim of domestic violence.

The city of Bangalore has 79 City Civil Courts and Session Courts. According to 2014 statistics the City Civil Court has 10 out of 79 posts vacant, Small Cause Courts has 10 out of 26 posts that are vacant, Nyayadegula (family court) has 5 out of 13 posts which are vacant. Thus the total vacancy of posts in the above mentioned courts is 25 out of 118 which is resulting in the pilling up of cases in the courts.

Speaking to Beacon Mr Ayub Ahmed Khan, an advocate said that the delay in appointment of judges, funds and lack of infrastructural facilities by the central government can also be the main reasons for causing the pendency of cases.

Mrs Anitha, whose case is still pending in the magistrate court and who is disheartened by the present status of the judicial system said, “cases stay pending in courts and the condition of the victim outside the court gets worsened day by day.”  Describing her condition she further added that her husband harassed her in public ever since she filed a case.

 “There is no transparency involved in the judicial appointment and collegium system hence there are delays in the process”, said Prashanth Subramanium, a student at School of Law, Christ University.


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