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Suicide cases rise in the city

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BENGLAURU:  According to a recently released statistic by the National Crime Records Bureau, Karnataka occupies fourth place in the list of states with a high rate of suicides. The country’s metropolitan cities like Bangalore are grappling with this worrying trend of rising cases.

 Dr. Sudharshan Somnath , an MBBS doctor now practising psychiatry at Athoz Centre for Thought Care in the city said, “A number of reasons drive people to commit suicide. It could be due to broken love affairs, marriage related issues, family problems, financial bankruptcy and depression.” Dr Somnath urged that every problem has a solution and there is no need to take such a drastic step.

 Ms Geetha (name changed) an advertising professional, recently faced a double tragedy. Her father and brother both committed suicide together on the same day. Still inconsolable, she remembers, ” We had no idea they were sad or upset or depressed. They had become aloof and we didn’t pay much attention. We wish we could have avoided the tragedy if only we knew what they were going through.”

    Anurag Siroliya an employee at Citi bank in the city said, due to rising work pressure and a high stress life suicide rates are on the increase in the city. He also added if a person is stressed out and is showing any signs of suicide he must immediately visit a doctor.


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