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Culture’s picturesque by Cop Shiva

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BENGALURU : Cop Shiva (Shivaraju BS) tries to bring out a gist of the city, which is unknown and untouched, through his picture series on celebration of festivals.

Cop Shiva, a constable by day and photographer when he’s not on duty, is a familiar face at 1 Shanthi Road Studio/Gallery in Kalasipalya. Apart from his daily duty as a cop he loves writing and is also planning to bring out a book on the festivals of Bangalore.


The idols                                                                                                                   CREDITS- ASHITA 

 “Bangalore is known as IT city, which has become more branded, because of the changing lifestyle and people with their busy schedule do not know what culture the city holds. So it’s my duty to show people the beautiful culture of Bangalore.”

Cop Shiva mainly focused on the streets and its strange but intriguing culture across the city. His latest series “Urban Ecstasy” is aligned to this belief. He travelled through the streets in the city to capture 24 different festivals celebrated by various communities. Kaali festival in Okalipuram, Shivratri festival in Magadi Road, Draupadi Amman Karaga in Halasur and many more make up his collection called ‘Urban Ecstasy’.

The 43 images are displayed at Gallery Sumukha. Shivaraju got much attention with his first project “Face Two Face” exhibited in Gallery Sumukha in 2012. For more than two years he documented the lives of Bagadehalli Basavaraj, a teacher from Chikmagaluru and Vidyasagar from Shanthinagar, who impersonated their idols Mahatma Gandhi and MGR in their daily lives respectively. The work got him fame at home and abroad – ‘Being Gandhi’ was held at The Frank Museum of Art, Ohio. He is gearing up for his show ‘Street has its studio’ to be held at Munich Museum in July. He has also got the prestigious Swedish Art Grant.

His exhibition is presented at Gallery Sumukha till February 6th.


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