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Women seek justice and safety in the city

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BENGLURU: Several men and women gathered on tuesday at MG road to protest against the recent mass molestation and to seek justice and safety  for women.

They raised the slogan “there is no justification against sexual violence, women’s safety is our responsibility.”


Protesters at MG road                                                                                       CREDITS- SHIJI 

Mrs. Corinne Kumar, an activist at Vimochana said that “It’s a symbolic human chain with lighted candle to say that we need a safe place for women and children in the city. The city has grown and the women in the city don’t feel secure any more. We want to ensure a safe space for women in the city.”

The publicity material that was circulated at the venue cited that the incidents of sexual violence continue even when there are protests against such violence.

They condemned the judgmental and shameful comments of elected leaders and people in power for ridiculing women rather than helping the victims. They resisted the culture of victim-blaming and being stereotyped by police, politicians, media and the public.


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