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A Causerie with Dr Arul Mani as Wodehouse

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 BENGALURU: The causerie by Dr  Arul Mani revolved around the life and works of P.G Wodehouse, one of the well-known humorists of the 20th century.

The session started off with a discussion on  a few of P.G Wodehouse’s book covers: ‘Leave it to Smith’, ‘Right Ho Jeeves’, ‘Stiff Upper Lip Jeeves’ and ‘Lord Emsworth and others’ and the way these covers were designed using the characters of the book as animations on the cover.



These paperback covers of Wodehouse were designed by English artist and illustrator Ionicus (Joshua Armitage).

He was noted above all for his illustrations and interpretations of much loved characters of Wodehouse’s stories. Dr Arul Mani spoke about what struck him the most about these illustrations on the paperbacks. “Ionicus’ covers were and are an individual part of the experience itself,” he said.

He also spoke about how Wodehouse’s work leads you to encounter a kind of literary effect after reading his work even if it is not literature.


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