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Agarwal Hospital to conduct health camps

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BENGALURU:  Dr Agarwal Hospital will celebrate Republic day with orphans by distributing food, candies and pens to them. They will also conduct free eye and health check camps along with the Autologous immune booster injections, from 2 to 4 pm on January 26.

Explaining about the ‘Maya therapy’ Dr Sunitha Rana Agarwal said, “A drop of blood will be taken from the patient and will be used to treat their own DNA and other protein bases.” She also told the Beacon about a health show called Adonis and Venus to be conducted on April 6, 2017, which is also recognised as the World Health Day. She added that the aim of this program is to bring young and old under one roof and help them understand the meaning of health as encompassing through body and mind.

 They have planned to organise an open show where people from all age groups can enter into the health show where they will be tested for intelligence quotient, health parameters and emotional quotient. The participants should register by the end of January. They will be tested on the above parameters in the month of February. In the month of March they will be tested for beauty, fashion, and attitude. On April 6, the final 12 will walk the ramp.






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