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City continues to voice against mass molestation

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BENGALURU: To voice out their opinions in response to the mass molestation in Bengaluru on New Year’s Eve, an anonymous group of students created a Facebook page called  ‘Night In My Shining Armour’ which went viral and a protest was organized on January 11 at Town Hall as a part of the campaign.

After conducting a self-defence class in Cubbon Park on Sunday, the group followed it up with protest as a part of their campaign. The purpose of the event was for citizens from all walks of life to come together and unify to show that girls are fearless. They used #IWillGoOut to protest against the norms about women staying indoors once the night falls.


Protest by anonymous students                                                                             RESHMA

The event began with Maya Sharma’s live broadcast on NDTV with a discussion about the recent mass molestation incidents with the core team of ‘Night In My Shining Armour’ and students from other colleges.

Over 650 people joined the protest and switched on their flashlight as a gesture of solidarity towards the cause. They had placards with messages concerning the safety of women.

Additional Commissioner of Police, Malini Krishnamoorthy addressed the crowd saying that we must go out and be fearless with the support of police.

When asked about the women helpline (1091) not being efficient she said, “Call 100, 9480801000 and additional WhatsApp numbers are available. You can also get in touch with us on Facebook and twitter. If not, anyone can walk into the police station and we will help you in every way we can.”

Protests and marches happen regularly but after a few days everything goes quite till the next incident takes place. When questioned about this, Maya Sharma, a journalist from NDTV answered saying, “One can only hope and go on raising our voices. Things may not change, harassments may not stop and that’s reality, but that does not mean we shouldn’t raise our voice and protest. Many things took a long time to change like slavery or sati but it finally stopped after years and years of fight. And same way we must take a step and protest against this. And if at least one pervert thinks ‘Oh no! there’s a lot of fuss being made, I better not do this,’ then these movements have some effect.”



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