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Conference on Bioessence integrated healthcare

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BENGALURU: “There is a need to build a bridge between modern and traditional system of medicine and to take advantage of all the system of treatment available in the country said Dr Sr Elizabeth C S, Principal, Jyothi Nivas College, in her inaugural address at a two day national conference on “Bioessence- intergrated health care”.

 It was organized by the Departments of Life Sciences, Jyothi Nivas College from January 11 to 12. The conference was an amalgamation of ideas in the diverse health  care systems available in India.

 The conference provided a platform for strengthening the inter disciplinary approach for a more inclusive health care system.

Dr H. Sudarshan Ballal, Medical Director, Manipal Hospital, addressed on the topic “Smart hospital of the future.” He said, “Health care has come a long way in the last few decades. The future of health care will be very different from what we know now. With the intersection of biology and technology new era is awakening and it is a very proud moment for all of us.”

Speaking about the benefits of ‘smart hospital’  Dr Sudarshan said that the hospital will have facilities such as registration kiosk, app based appointment and billing, location tracking devices, with which patients, staff and machines can be located. It will also have Electronic status boards for  ICU to give an update to the families about what is happening. The doctors could directly forward the prescription to the pharmacy using digital devices. He also spoke about introducing cognitive computing machine that diagnoses any disease very quickly.

Dr  Sr Elizabeth C S, Principal, in her speech emphasized the crucial importance of balanced food and exercise for a healthy and happy life. Now a days people are becoming lazy.

In the past, work was done by men but now it is replaced by machines. The eternal quest for knowledge and information in medical science has lead man to work wonders in the field of medical research and modern health care.

Diseases are easily detected, complicated surgeries are  made possible and successful because of the wonder of medical science.

During the conference eminent  speakers delivered speech on various subjects including Plastic surgery, Alzheimer’s, medical genetic, the role of phytochemicals in cattle ailments and preventable human catastrophe. There were also panel discussion and paper presentations. Various colleges participated in the conference. The conference provided opportunity to promote and facilitate discussion among all the stake holders such as academia, students, pharmaceutical companies and general public at large.



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