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Nirvaan 2017 kick starts at SJC

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CAMPUS: Nirvaan 2017- Namma Ooru Bengaluru kick-started on January 12 in St Joseph’s college after a lot of anticipation. It will continue till January 13.

Nirvaan, a national level inter collegiate  fest with 43 events began with the cultural performances on the first day followed by rapping, group music and many other on and off stage events .

“We have a lot of new events  this year like meme mania, live dubbing; where a mute video will be played and the participants have to give live commentary , innovative art events,band performance by the Groove Tantriks, traditional Karnataka music Dulukunnita  will be performed by a group of traditional folk musician and also  we have tied up with FBB Femina Miss India campus princess, who would directly represent Miss India pageant,” said Nairika Bharucha , Vice-president of St Joseph’s College.

ashita- dance performance by JNC students.JPG

Dance performance by JNC students                                                                                     ASHITA

Famous personaslike Prasad Bidapa, a fashion stylist, Madhu Mohan, an actor and Shushruti Krishna, runner up of FBB Miss Femina 2016 , Dj Hassan and the International Californian artist Siana Catherine are invited.

Talking about the difficulties to run a successful show Tejaswini Mohan, General Secretary of St Joseph’s College said, “There were many events happening simultaneously in the beginning of this academic year but because of the construction work we had to adjust our dates. We weren’t sure if Nirvaan would happen this year, but finally it worked and we had all our college students who were a great support who helped in past two weeks to make this happen.”

She also added that since it is a national level fest, there is a probablity that 20-25 colleges would be participating from Bengaluru as well as colleges from Chennai and Mysuru.


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