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RJ Aishwarya provides an insight into radio production

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CAMPUS: The Department of Mass Communication held an interactive session with  Radio jockey Aishwarya of Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM on Thursday. Aishwarya is also an alumna of the department .

Sharing her experience as an RJ, she said that  Creativity, knowledge of music, good sense of humour, presence of mind, staying updated with local, national and international issues and signature styles are the basic qualities to be a good radio jockey.

shiji- Dr. Richard Rego felicitates RJ Aishwariya.JPG

Dr Richard Rego felicitates RJ Aishwariya                                                 DERRICK

Speaking to the Beacon she said, “I never thought of getting in to Radio Jockeying, but when I was doing my post-graduation I was always the Radio jockey during my APS class. Whatever I learned during my APS class such as editing, technical skill and script writing were useful for my career.”

In Radio every second is precious, one has to be very quick because there are only few seconds to showcase one’s talent. Good voice, voice modulation, pronunciation and fluency of language and knowing  your city well are very important.

She also said that it is pertinent  to give correct information. In case there is any mistake one must acknowledge it and correct it. Each student aspiring to become a RJ has to love their scripts, be passionate and have their own style and modulations. Her message to the students is to be confident, happy and enthusiastic.




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