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Talk on preservation of Bioresources

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CAMPUS: The Department of Biotechnology organised a national seminar on  Bioprospecting and conservation of Bioresources on January 11 and 12. The key note address was delivered by Dr K.N. Ganeshahiah, a faculty at the school of Ecology and conversation, UAS, GKVK, Bengaluru.


Dr. K. N Ganeshaiah                                                                                       RAUNAQ

The topic for the keynote address was the role of Bioresources in shaping human civilizations.  Dr Ganeshaiah in his keynote address spoke about the importance of the role of bio-resources in building empires and civilizations in Indian history. He also spoke about the king Krishna Devaraya who made a significant contribution in preserving natural resources and cited the relevance of preserving natural resources today.

Dr Ganeshaih spoke about Joseph priestley’s discovery of oxygen in 1774. He added that Joseph priestly was also deeply involved in politics and religion as well as science.

Speaking to the Beacon, Prof Madappa MB, co-ordinator Department of Biotechnology said, “He is thankful to the Indian science academy for the sponsorship of this event.”



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