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Lala opens up her box of ‘silly’ and secret confession

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BENGALURU: Khushnaz Lala’s story telling event was organized at Goobes book republic on Sunday, January 15, where most of the parents and young children gathered to discover and explore Lala’s world.
Khushnaz Lala talks about her books and her experience as a writer, working across three books published by Harpercollins and successfully speaking at TEDx (Mallya Aditi International School).
Do you write stories to be original or just to deliver what the reader wants?
I definitely write what is in my head. The books that I write right now are marketed as children’s book because the format is like a picture book, which is typically associated with children. But I wrote in a style that made sense to me and I wrote it for myself. I wrote it with my friend, who is nine years old.


From left: Vidhi Jain, Khushnaz Lala with friends                                                       VIDHI JAIN

But that is the only thing; the books are dedicated to him and his sister.
For those interested in writing and exploring your field, where should they begin?
I think you need to start with the complete basics of writing. You need to figure out who you are and how would you want to express your thoughts. There are people who are good writers but I don’t necessarily think they are honest writers. Write for an imagined audience. I think people should listen to their voices and be unapologetic about it.
How was your experience as a TEDx speaker?
I think, I said my speech and completely blanked out afterwards, I have no memory because I was so nervous. It feels so awkward to prepare because I like being authentic, so I write my points down and I just wing it. But I forgot how it was supposed to end. I did not take that into account. I am glad because I said what I had to say. The experience was very good.
How did you crack a deal with Harpercollins?
We had someone from Harpercollins speak to us when we were in college, about opportunity and stuff. After I graduated I wrote to her that I was interested. I sent them my manuscript with my illustrations. And my editor was very much involved and really supported me.


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