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Long lost folklores, which give strength

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BENGALURU: “The Rainbow Bird, is one of my favourite folklores. It has given me a lot of strength and therefore I am going to share it with all of you,” said Nisha Abdulla, story teller, play writer, theater artist.
Strength and healing is something that all require and that makes it the best way to start the year. Keeping this in mind, Abdulla dedicated that session to ‘Stories of Strength and

Healing’ held at Atta Galatta on January 14, 2017. These kinds of stories always help people start on a positive note with a clear mind. There is a lot of healing, strength and wisdom that one can draw from folktales. So the main focus was on folktales keeping aside personal stories.


Nisha Abdulla                                           SHIVANGEE

There were three stories that she shared with the audience and after each story she interacted with the audience.
The interactions were quite lively as everyone shared their real life experience and stories that their grandparents and parents told them. Folktales are something that have become a little rare. Abdulla also added that they have their own beauty and they become folktales because they have been shared with different kinds of people.


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