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India’s first e-commerce platform for TV ad spots

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BENGALURU: Amagi Media Labs launches Amagi MIX a first of its kind media planning and buying platform for television and spots. The e-commerce platform aims to cater to the needs of small and medium business, who wish to move beyond print, radio or digital media to advertise their brands to a larger audience via television. This platform offers more than 100 channels including national and regional channels.

“South India has robust and growing business that contribute significant percentage to the GDP. There is a big need for them to reach to their consumers through advertising. Features like broad banquet of channels, data driven online media planning and buying makes it a good platform,” said Bhaskar Subramanian, Co-Founder of Amagi Media Labs.

E- Commerce has transformed the way business is done in India with all kinds of innovative and convenient shopping options. This platform is expected to grow further more in future. Keeping these aspects in mind e-commerce is now extending its field in not only catering to its consumers but also its sellers.

In a recent consumer research done it was found that the lack of knowledge on TV advertising and affordability were the two key reasons why small and media business advertisers were not willing to consider TV in their media budget. Amagi has attempted to address these two challenges so that advertisers start including TV in their media budget. Now advertisers have found a new platform for themselves where they can log in and create their own customized campaign.

Amagi MIX is aiming at allowing users to edit the pre suggested plan and customize individual channels to suit their budgetary and targeting requirements.

This is one of the first initiatives taken in Indian in the field of e-commerce.Since this ia new step in the country, the success is not yet determined


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