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To pedal with a vision

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CAMPUS: A 750km bicycle journey was undertaken by two students of SJC from the Post Graduate Department of Social Work in order to spread awareness to the youth of various colleges en route about eye donation and The Project Vision.
Meril Antony and Shiju Joseph, are social work students who are looking for new and exciting ways to bring about a change in our society. “This year we have decided to combine our passion for cycling with a greater cause – that of eye donation,” said Meril Antony.
They wish to cycle an ambitious distance from Bangalore (Karnataka) to Kochi (Kerala), to achieve this cause.
The Project’s vision is “Let Everyone See” and their mission is ‘providing an opportunity for every blind person to gain sight’ and ‘providing an opportunity for the permanently blind to live a full life’.
Their goal is that eye donation becomes a norm globally and reach out to 7000 people to pledge their eyes. According to a report by WHO in 2014, there are 39 million people across the globe that is blind and India has become a home to the world’s largest number of blind people with 7.8 million persons. Under which most of these cases of blindness can be cured but barely about 35000 corneas are collected in the country globally, even though 150000 are required to combat corneal blindness. Thereby, Project Vision is an organization, committed to further this cause, with whom they have collaborated in this journey.


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