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Youth welfare party to hold youth awareness program

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BENGALURU: “From its birth welfare party of India has been advocating value based politics considering present situation. We want that youth need to take active participation in politics,”said Dr B.T Lalita Nayak, State President of welfare party while talking about youth wing state wide awareness program to be held from January 20 to 31.
“Present day politics instead of uniting the nation has divided the nation based on religion and politics –inclination justice and development for public has become just a dream. The gap between the rich and poor is increasing day by day. At this juncture we feel the need to be united and fight for our nation,’’ she added.
Taher Hussain, General Secretary of the party speaking to The Beacon said “ Youth are the present as well as the future of our country. In many areas we find them not living up to the ideals of our constitution. Hence we plan to organise state wide awareness campaign among the youth.”
Speaking on the aims of the awareness program Riyaz Mangalore, co-ordinator of the youth awareness program informed that the program aims at enabling youth to develop their talents , intelligence, energy and time.
Thus to help them be productive and motivate them to get involved in nation building and constructive endeavors.


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