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Endless problems of garbage

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BENGALURU: As we move further into the digital age the amount of waste and garbage is increasing day by day creating issues everywhere. Shanti Nagar is also an area which is within that clutch.

“We have achieved 90% segregation in garbage in Shanti Nagar but still there are a several black spots still existing in and around the area. That is happening because the right kind of enforcement is not being done and as an association we can only do our bit but other than that we don’t have that authority over people to force them to do things. That is exactly the place where we are lacking. By February our serious work is going to begin and we will be getting more marshals and link workers from the health department, who would be working towards educating people on segregation,” said GS Renuka Prasad, President of SWA

Even though a lot of cleanliness has taken place in maximum parts within Shanti Nagar, there are a lot of parts which require BBMP’s support. He also talked about specific areas getting affected because of restaurants and shops using plastics and dumping garbage on the roads. They don’t follow any proper way of disposing garbage. The commercial garbage generators have to follow strict rules and that will only happen if BBMP penalizes them, Renuka Prasad added.

“Garbage has been a problem since a long time and I can see change but not much. It is a major concern now as it pulls in a lot of disease and infections,” said Prema Lal, a resident of Bangalore.


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