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#Bangaloresupportjallikattu protest on Jan 19

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BENGALURU: Bangalore Tamil Sangam along with many youngsters organised a protest in Bengaluru to support . ‘Jallikuttu’on January 19 at Town Hall to extent and show their support to Chennai protestors and Tamil Nadu with #Bangaloresupportjallikattu.

 ‘Jallikuttu’is a traditional sport in parts of Tamil Nadu and a major event during MattuPongal as part of the celebrations.

Karnataka State Congress General Secretary, S.S. Prakasham said,” Congrats to all the youngsters who are carrying out the protest at large. I wish they come forward for many such good things. Tamil Nadu CM, O Panneerselvam should take the  right action on this, as he is in Delhi to talk about this ban to the President and the Prime Minister. If he talks to the Cabinet Ministers in the Central Government and give a letter to the President, the issue will be solved in a few days time. And I also request them not to trouble the people of Tamil Nadu on this for much longer.”


Scene at the High Court                                               DERRICK

Bangalore Tamil Sangam Assistant Secretary, AmudaPandiyan said,” ‘Jallikuttu’is Tamil Nahu’s brave traditional sport. The bull is treated like a god and we do not intent to hurt the animal. ‘Jallikuttu’ is in our blood since birth and we worship the bulls. We wouldn’t stop the protest till death. And on January 22 we have a protest  and rally in Ulsoor.”

Rajesh P, a member of Bangalore Tamil Sangam also added, “People say there are no things which take place apart from tradition of controlling the bull which is being practiced for a long time. It is part of the culture and people are protesting in Tamil Nadu and is slowly gaining support from the other states like Karnataka. PETA says, ‘Bulls are getting hurt.’

As stated on PETA website,” We and our international affiliates advocate a vegan lifestyle. We are targeting all cruelty to animals, not just ‘Jallikuttu’. A July 7, 2011 notification in The Gazette of India, made using bulls as performing animals illegal. This applies to Jallikuttu,Kambala, bull races, bullfights and other uses of bulls for performances.”

Judgement on May 7, 2014, the Honourable Supreme Court confirmed ban on the use of bulls for performances. The court also ruled that cruelty was inherent in the events, as bulls are not anatomically suited to them.


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