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Women across the nation demand safety in public places

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BENGALURU: The Bengaluru chapter of #IWillGoOut held its march on January 21 in conjunction with the national #IWillGoOut campaign. The march started from Krantiveera Sangolli Rayanna railway station to Freedom Park.

The march saw people from different background demanding safety for women in public places and the stigma attached to women.

At the event, organisers collected signatures for a petition to be given to the Home Minister of Karnataka and the Director General of Police calling for action to make public spaces safer for women. The petition calls for gender sensitization training for government and police personnel, stricter punishment for perpetrators and further safety measures to be included in public transport, among other recommendations.


People from different walks of life gather in Freedom Park, Bengaluru   Credits: Evelyn

Ramkishan Singh, one of the organisers’ of #IWillGoOut of Bengaluru chapter said, “We as men have been shying away from taking responsibility for a situation which is primarily created by us. Every time a girl gets molested, men get defensive. I think it’s about time we support women to claim what is rightfully theirs and have access to safe public places at all times.”

Jasmeen Patheja, founder of Blank Noise a student project said that there is no excuse for sexual violence and urged the gathering to bring along the garments one wore while they experienced different kind of sexual violence, threat, intimidation, abuse as a witness to one’s own story and truth in their next meet scheduled on February 18.

As part of the #IWillGoOut national campaign marches, events and gatherings were held in 20 cities and towns across the country. Action oriented petitions to the Home Ministry and Police departments will be sent in all participating states in the coming weeks by the #IWillGoOut team.


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